Astral Games – Version 0.0.3b

Astral Games – Version 0.0.3b

Astral Games – Version 0.0.3b

Astral Games - Version 0.0.3b

Version: 0.0.3b
Genre: Porn game, 3d sex, Voyeur, porn incest, sex game, family, porn download, wet pussy, big dick, all sex, sexy girl, voyeur
Category: Adult Sex Games
Platform: PC / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English

The protagonist – Karl, whose father died not so long ago, lived an ordinary life, with his mother and younger sister. But one day he realizes that his life is not so ordinary: falling asleep in his room in the evening, he finds himself in the head of his neighbor Sveta, and seems to be able to influence the course of her thoughts …
In the process of playing, Karl will learn about the secret of the sister, help her mother with the restaurant business and use her neighbor to make money.

New in Version 0.0.3b:
– New scenes, dialogues …
– A slightly modified system of suggestion – now, the higher your relationship with the character, the more you can inspire him.
– The sentence is now not infinite, the more suggestibility, the more prolonged suggestion
– Added an opportunity to settle in a friend of Nastia-Olivia (while action is not enough, but I will develop it in the next versions).
– Ability to go to the Light when she is at home (this is also just preparation for the next versions).
– New offer of the mother, which will allow you to almost completely subordinate him (almost all the new scenes and pictures are based on this sentence).

Download file – 191.3 MB

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