Subtle Influence – Version 0.1a

Subtle Influence – Version 0.1a

Subtle Influence – Version 0.1a

Subtle Influence - Version 0.1a

Version: 0.1a
Genre: Adult Game, Big Tits, 3d sex game, Big boobs, Corruption, Adventure, Erotic game, Family, incest porn, teacher sex, Seduct
Category: Adult Sex Games
Platform: PC / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English

The main character in this story is Paul Rutter, a university lecturer who lives in Seattle.He stumbles upon an ancient relic – a tome – left behind by his late parents, once renowned archaeologists who traveled the world in search of occult artifacts.

He soon discovers the Power of Influence via the book.

Paul begins to experiment with this new ability around people, eventually influencing the female gender into performing erotic activities.


Subtle Influence is a game revolving around the corruption / mind control genre. It is a simple point-and-click adventure game driven by dialogue and story elements with slight role-playing mechanics infused in.

There are different locations to travel to, characters to meet and interact at various times of day and activities that you can perform.

The Power of Influence comes in the form of the Corrupt feature. Use this on any of the female characters that you meet. Every time corruption is performed, the affected character gains 10 corruption points.

Accumulate enough points (up to a maximum of 100) and you will be able to trigger erotic scenes and other events. Certain interactions and activities are based off your character stats, meaning they cannot be performed until you meet the minimum requirements.

There is a general storyline that you can follow, however choices that you make throughout the game will determine the type of ending you will receive as a result.

Download file – 148.5 MB

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